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Vitamin C Powder

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This Vitamin C powder will help slow down the signs of ageing, boost collagen production, even skin tone and repair the skin from environmental damage. Add JUICE C to your Skin Juice face cream for a brighter glow.

Suits most skin types.


How to Juice

  • Add 1- 2 scoops every second day to your favourite Skin Juice face cream, excluding Sun Juice. Mix both products in your hand until dissolved before applying immediately. Start with half a pea size of Juice C and increase dosage over time to a full pea size.
  • NOTE: JUICE C will not dissolve in oil. Use directly after mixing and avoid direct sun exposure after application. Use can be varied depending on the skins needs, varying the dosage accordingly. Sensitive skin types may only need half, or a quarter, of a pea size once a week to start with and then gradually increase over a period of time as the skin strengthens. You may experience a very mild tingly sensation the first few times you apply it. This is quite normal as it is acidic in nature.

The Full Squeeze

  • This skin digestible and stable form of Vitamin C will help reduce skin damage caused by free radicals, reducing collagen breakdown and cell damage.
  • Replenishing the skin’s vitamin C levels will help to brighten the skin for an all over healthy glow.
  • L-ascorbic powder is the purest and most stable form of vitamin C. As a liquid this essential skin vitamin can oxidizes very quickly, however this powder form allows Juice C to stay nice and fresh for much longer, ensuring maximum results.
  • Juice C feeds and strengthens collagen within the skin, helping to reduce the signs of ageing