Hot Stone Massage

by Eva, Monica and Erin

Melt, Sooth, Indulge

A beautifully soft and relaxing massage complimented with heated stones to sooth and melt away any cold, aches, pains and congestion from the body. Excellent for the winter season but also revitalising for any other time of the year. This is only offered as a longer treatment so the stones can truly take effect.

90 mins: $130.00

Remedial Massage

by Sarah and Erin

Mindful, Movement, Optimisation

Revive and repair with this tailored, holistic, remedial massage. Using specialised techniques for musculoskeletal conditions, dysfunction and injuries to support and maintain form and function for optimal health and mobility.

90 mins: $130.00
60 mins: $105.00

Relaxation & Aromatheropy

by Sarah, Monica and Erin

Sensory, Comforting, Surrender

The signature massage of Aroma Zen Therapies. A soothing and peaceful full body massage treatment with an incorporation of essential oils for deep, therapeutic indulgence. This treatment is designed to have you de-stressed and back to self.

90 mins: $130.00
60 mins: $105.00

Pregnancy Massage

by Sarah and Erin

Nurture, Supported, Care

A calming journey of emotional and physical support for re-connection with body and baby by assisting in overall wellbeing, movement, and function. Treating the ongoing changes and conditions of the body the mother feels throughout the pregnancy journey. A gentle side-lying massage designed for expectant mums before the little one arrives.

90 mins: $130.00


Clarity Mind

by Eva and Monica

Calming, Grounding, Peaceful

A truly unique experience of deep relaxation. This is a journey for the mind racers and the over thinkers. For those who don’t want a full body massage but looking for peace of mind. Working on the extremities which barely get the attention they deserve. Re-centring and recalibrating leaving you feeling top to toe.

60 mins: $95.00
90 mins: $160.00 – Clarity + Juice Shot Facial



by Eva

Refresh, Hydrate, Cleanse

The royal treatment to shine bright like a diamond. Using precious-stoned Gua Sha traditional tools to increase circulation and blood flow. This long established practice promotes collagen reproduction for a healthy outer glow.

60 mins: $120.00


by Eva and Monica

Cool, Revive, Revitalise, Heal

Feed Your Skin. Immerse yourself in complete facial nourishment. Encourages your skin’s luminosity through a cooling cleanse and gentle exfoliation which helps detoxify and replenish. Using a tailored combination of products from the Skin Juice© range.

60 mins: $120.00

Juice Shot

by Eva and Monica

The Energise Express Experience

A fresh little juice burst for your skin. A carefully selected Skin Juice© treatment, designed to refresh and cleanse away any dullness and unveil your natural glow for guys and gals on the go.

30 mins: $65.00

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