Midnight Melt


Illuminating Elixir

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MIDNIGHT MELT is a serum + mask designed to balance and reset your skin, while your body does the same. This night treatment uses enzymes and AHAs to gently resurface the skin, while also supercharging skin hydration and barrier repair.

  • Contains exfoliants, barrier boosters and hydrators, and also has a refillable bottle
  • A night treatment that acts as both a serum and a mask. It exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, using enzymes to literally melt away debris from the skin. Skin free from debris can then better absorb the hydrating and barrier repair actives within this serum.
  • Smells like jasmine and citrus – soothing and crisp like fresh sheets. Feels smooth, light and silky. Fast-absorbing, pillow-proof formula.

Use every second night after your Skin Drink.

Suitable for most skin types, pregnancy safe, and vegan


How to juice:

  • Massage 1 – 2 pumps on to your face, neck and decolletage.