Effie: Blue Mountain Air Candle


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Clean alpine air. A drive to the mountains to see snow. Crisp winter blooms and the sound of your children gently fussing in the back seat. Fresh lemony top notes combine with a blend of sweet herbs, to finish beautifully with a musk, cedarwood and vetiver base. This scent will easily transport you back to your favourite winter holiday in the bush. This candle has a 48 hour burn time.

Scent Notes
lemon myrtle
clary sage
strawberry gum

About the maker

Clare Makes candles are hand poured in Sydney’s inner west and named after significant Australian figures who inspired each scent. Native botanical plants, herbs and flowers evoke memories of scenic country gardens, family holidays and bush walks.

With a fresh, modern design aesthetic, both fragrant and essential oils, premium soy wax, and the care that comes only with an item individually handcrafted in Australia, each candle will perfectly complement your space.