Redness Relief Kit


Juice Treat to Go 

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This box of nutrient rich skin care will help to repair and strengthen weakened skin to become resilient against redness and irritation.

Suitable for all skin types including rosacea + redness + eczema + dermatitis + irritation.

Cruelty Free. Pregnancy Safe Natural Ingredients. Healthy Nut Oil Free Formulation

Boxed and ready to gift, this pack contains:

    • SMUDGE BUDGE cleansing balm, a gentle superfood packed cleansing balm that deeply cleanses make up and toxins from even the most sensitive skin types.
    • GREEN JUICE is a healthy skin recovery balm that will soothe, soften and condition the skin anywhere on the body
    • RE JUICE face oil is a concentrated mix of ultra-calming, skin nurturing ingredients and is a healthy replacement for your night cream.

How To Juice


    • Step 1: Using dry hands, massage SMUDGE BUDGE onto a dry face and remove with warm water and dampened face cloth if required. This all natural, soap free cleanser won’t dry or irritate from the skin.
    • Step 2: To moisturise, warm a small amount of GREEN JUICE Balm in fingertips and massage onto the face. This all natural balm melts into a skin compatible oil, meaning it won’t block the skin’s natural oil flow. For extra night time nourishment, layer over Re Juice face oil, or apply in the morning as a day cream as your day cream


    • Please note: There is no need to cleanse in the morning as GREEN JUICE balm has been absorbed and metabolised by the skin, meaning there aren’t any emulsifiers from a cream that need to be cleansed away. By not cleansing in the morning will help to restore the skin’s protective barrier.
    • Step 1: To moisturise, press 1-3 drops of RE JUICE Face Oil onto the face, neck and chest and allow to absorb naturally. This light-weight oil will enable the skin to regulate the skin’s natural oil flow.