Juice Detox


Natural deodorant paste

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This natural deodorant paste is made from Australian superfoods and will keep you smelling clean and fresh all day, while also allowing your body to naturally eliminate toxins. This aluminum free, all natural, organic and vegan deodorant is safe for everyone to use.

Suitable for all skin types.

Vegan + Cruelty Free. Pregnancy Safe Natural Ingredients. Healthy Nut Oil Formulation


*Now in a 100% recyclable cardboard container. It’s the same skin and odour friendly formulation, just in a more earth friendly container.*

How to juice

    • To stay smelling fresh, take a pea sized amount and warm in fingers before massaging onto clean underarms. Please note: Juice Detox contains Sodium Bicarbonate to help neutralise the odour causing bacteria. However, in a small percentage of people it may cause some skin sensitivity. If this does occur, please contact us directly and discontinue using the product.